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Rungis International Market

Cultival unveils the new partnership with the world’s largest fresh market, Rungis International Market.


SEMMARIS (Societe d’Economie Mixte du Marche de Rungis) now trusts Cultival for the management of guided tours of one of the most visited professional sites in France. Cultival’s mission will begin on 1 January 2017 and will last for the next four years, with the aim of accommodating, in the best conditions, the diversity of visitors to the market (individuals, schoolars, professionals of the industry, employee representative committees, associations…).

In order to carry out this mission, Cultival will be able control the entire production chain of tours that is translated into the marketing, sale, booking and a highly qualified operational teal made up of specialized guides; as well as support staff involved on site every morning during the visits.

The organization of visits to the Rungis market represents also a constant link with SEMMARIS and all the professionals working in the market, but also suppliers such as coach operators, restorers and service providers (supplies, rental of classrooms for seminars or even cleaning services) in order to guarantee an optimal level of quality of the services.


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