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Le Mobilier national

Cultival unveils the new partnership with the Mobilier National (National Furniture Heritage) for visits to the Galerie des Gobelins and the workshops of the Manufacture des Gobelins, Beauvais and Savonnerie in Paris.


The Mobilier National is thus responsible for the cultural offer, the sale of tickets and products associated with the visit and the management of the shop. Our role will be to define a new positioning of the offer of visits (guided or non-guided) taking into account the growth and the diversification of the public. Cultival will also be responsible for organizing conference visits for individual and groups, welcoming visitors and animating the shop at Galerie Gobelins.


Cultival’s mission will start on April 4, 2017 and will continue over the next six years, with the objective of promoting, marketing and managing the booking of visits to this historical site with a goal of safeguarding techniques and the know-how recognized for centuries in France and in the world.


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