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Increase attendance of your museum thanks to bulk tickets!

The development of the attendance is an important issue for most of the cultural institutions. Different strategies must be led in order to increase the number of visitors. Among these strategies, the implementation of a selling development policy is an essential element.

But, what are bulk tickets?

Bulk tickets are a way to have benefits by buying a certain amount of tickets in advance. It is a real business development that can affect all types of customers: tourism professionals, employee representative committees, associations, concierge services… that are always looking for cultural activities to offer to their customers, partners or members. It is also a way for museums to secure their treasury by selling tickets in advance.

The implementation of a strategy

In order to make the most of bulk tickets, it is necessary to implement an organisation plan. Several elements can improve the selling:

  • To simplify the bulk tickets’ offer in order to facilitate the understanding of the product
  • To create Rates including the discounts according to the number of purchased tickets
  • To promote the cultural site with permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • To actively search new clients and markets in France and abroad
  • To be available 5 days in the week from 9am to 6pm by email and telephone in order to give a quick answer to all the queries

It is not always simple to implement a real promotional strategy and to sell bulk tickets. It requires several resources: human resources, marketing, sales or IT services. However, since the disappearance of Musée & Compagnie, Cultival is the referent for bulk tickets in France.

Cultival manages the operation, booking and selling of bulk tickets, the guided visits, the workshops or individual visits of more than 25 sites and institutions in Paris area. The company works with more than 25 000 contacts BtoB of which 6 500 are employee representative committees, business managements and tourism professionals that allow Cultival to be a referent in bulk tickets thanks to an important and qualified database.

The company’s advantage in the Sales area is also the capacity of its teams to adapt to clients problematic, as Sibylle CONFLAND, Associate chief executive of Cultival, says: “If one of our clients wants to buy several tickets to sell them later to their own customers, Cultival can do the work and send the tickets directly to the customers” This also shows the importance of the efficient work organisation of concerned teams.

Cultival is also a connexion with the main ticket systems thanks to the creation of a link between the agency and the Museum ticket store. This allows Cultival to answer to the need of museums and cultural institutions in the following-up of the sales figures at the real time, as indicated by Thibault MANCHON, Founder and president of the company: “We work very close with Digitick for the Pompidou Center and with Irec for the Army Museum. We are also negotiating with Secutix to offer easy solutions to all sites that have difficulties to sell bulk tickets. However, the main objective of working side by side with this ticket systems is to help them to offer different solutions and not only the tracking of the activity. One of examples is the creation of a barcode to facilitate the control at the entrance or the printing of tickets directly by Cultival.”

Cultival is already involved in this activity thanks to the partnership between the company and the Pompidou Centre since 2015. Mélanie THOMAS, Marketing Director in Cultival, adds:  “We promote and sell bulk tickets for the Espace Dali, La Cinémathèque française and the concerts at Invalides, as well as for the guided tours with our partners such as the Opéra Garnier, La Cité du Cinema or the Garde Républicaine. We can see today that a large number of sites suffer from the lack of human and financial resources necessary to continue developing their promotion and selling actions.”

Cultival stands out thanks to the development of your frequentation in a proactive way thanks to the privileged partnership with museums and cultural institutions willing to develop bulk tickets.

For further information, you can contact Guillaume CAILLON to the following e-mail address: or by phone to +33 (0) 1 70 39 14 58.