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Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Cultival is honoured to announce a new partnership with Galleries Lafayette Haussmann for the guided tours of the most symbolic of the Parisian department stores.

Cultival will assure from June 5th, 2017 a mission of guidance of the public places of the Institution for the groups of adults and individuals, keeping in close touch with the services Operational Marketing Heritage and Coordination of Galleries Lafayette


Cultival will thereby highlight its know-how by the provision of a team of qualified and trained mediators who are very aware of the requirements and needs for Galleries Lafayette. Welcoming already 100 000 visitors a day, the store-monument can count on the implementation of effective processes to guarantee an optimal qualitative level of visits. Thus, Cultival will manage a system allowing to equip every visitor with a hearing aid which will guarantee a perfect understanding of the guided tour during the visit.


The implementation of packages with high added value will also allow to increase the experience of the visitors while guaranteeing to the Institution to promote its marks and its exceptional Heritage.

The different services of Cultival will assure the organization of the upstream activity thanks to the marketing and commercial measures as well as to the reservations’ management; always in permanent contact with the Galleries Lafayette Haussmann teams.


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