1. Our establishment wants to develop its footfall but has no budget to allocate to it. What is Cultival’s position?

Cultival operates with a comprehensive vision. This unique approach enables Cultival to allocate the necessary resources to the development of footfall (investment, marketing, sales, bookings, administration) and monitor the balance of this activity.

  1. I am not a tourist or cultural site per se, but I want to develop guided tours. How could you help me?

Cultival acts on behalf of diverse operators in the world of culture, sport and industry. Nestlé, the Cité du Cinéma, the Garde Républicaine and even the Philharmonie entrust Cultival with the development of their tourism business through the use of the opportunity to discover their establishment and their expertise.

  1. Can we set goals for Cultival to achieve?

From the time that an activity is delegated, putting in place objectives in terms of resources and results is a sound approach, and one that Cultival is in favour of.

  1. What is the duration of the agreements that are concluded between you and the sites and partner institutions?

Cultival is commissioned to undertake dynamic development activities that are time-based. The first year is often comprised of determining the state of affairs and indexing. The following years are dedicated to the development itself. The duration of the contracts varies from 3 to 10 years.

  1. Does the Cultival agency work with all types of cultural sites and institutions?

Absolutely. Be they public or private institutions, museums, monuments, ministries, foundations, cultural institutions, companies, property developers, public-private consortiums, associations, etc.

  1. What form of agreement is signed between the institution and Cultival?

The legal form of the institution that is the signatory primarily dictates the type of contract: A public establishment (EPIC, EPA, etc.) will opt for a public service delegation contract (“DSP”) or a form of Agreement, and the Private Institutions (Company, Foundation, Association, etc.) for a Private Law Agreement, Concessions, Subcontracting Contracts, etc.

  1. In what territory can Cultival operate?

Although very much based in Paris, the agency now operates nationally and outside of France (Morocco).

  1.  I am a consulting, architect, event or scenography firm. At what point of the project is it worth contacting Cultival?

After a renovation or the launch of a website is the time for launching the business activities. Anticipating this transition will ensure the best possible success with different types of audiences. Cultival can start its work as of the project conceptualisation phase by bringing its operational expertise to the table. For the marketing and commercial launch phase itself, a period of one year prior to the opening is ideal.

  1.  I am a Tourist Office, an industry group (“ADT”), a CRT or a public authority. Can Cultival operate in my field of activity?

Beyond promoting a site, a number of public bodies realise the importance of really highlighting their regional destination, which often abound with offerings, from historical and tourist sites, recreational or sports activities, to dining activities, amongst others. The marketing activities for the destination itself and the ease of booking complementary activities can be done as logically for a site as at the regional level via a single portal.

  1.  I am a company that might be interested in the solutions offered by Cultival and would like to initiate contact with Cultival. Who should I contact ?

To contact our Manager for New Partnerships, click here.

  1. I want to be put in touch with the Cultival press department. Who should I contact ?

To contact our press department, click here.


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