Audience development

Overall management of activity

A single operator

Cultival can take on large-scale projects that require the intervention of a single operator to coordinate multiple areas of expertise.

The decision to outsource the overall management of activities can be in response to various differing concerns

  • A determination to have the project governed by an independent external source, as well as the revenues and expenses (profit centre).
  • The complexity of a project, requiring the coordination of several areas of expertise, including positioning studies, actual site management, audience development, catering, shops, space rental, event planning, site design, etc.
  • The destination’s strategy for developing a tourist area via a single portal that promotes all of the area’s offerings, be it a town, a tourist area
stade de france cultival

An operator who adapts to each project

The nature of each project may involve Cultival acting alone or as part of a group with complementary capabilities to deliver many things

Pre-planning stage

Elaboration d’une stratégie marketing et digitale
  • Positioning study
  • Search for financing
  • Development of a marketing and digital strategy
  • Creation of the project
    —  Idea and content creation, implementation, scenography, etc.
  • Technical advise
    —  Standards for buildings that are open to the pubic (“ERP”), for reduced mobility access (“PMR”), etc.

Operation period

Gestion globale d'activité - Marketing
  • Turnkey management of the entire business chain
—  Education
—  Reception and development of the audience
—  Management of ticketing and bookings / Transactions
—  Administration of the premises (accounting and human resources)
—  Web: display / e-commerce / community management
—  Store management | Merchandising
—  Management of catering areas
—  Statistics and reporting
  • Commercial development of leisure activities (tours, activities, workshops, etc.)
  • Commercial development of corporate activities (seminars, conferences, etc.)
  • Event planning for the general public