Audience development

Flow optimisation

Seasonality of the traffic

One of the major constraints in managing a cultural site is the seasonality of the traffic. Indeed, the monuments must sometimes deal with large differences in footfall, be in through the course of the day, between the week and the weekend, or by month. With this in mind, Cultival has developed different solutions and tools in order to smooth visitor traffic as much as possible between these periods of peaks and troughs.
Optimisation des flux


The prerequisite for efficient flow optimisation is perfect knowledge of the audiences.

For this, the precise answers to the following three questions must be known:

  • Who is coming? > is it individuals, groups, schools, etc.
  • How are they coming? > are they alone, in groups of 50 people, etc.
  • When at they coming? > is it in the morning, at the weekend, during school holidays, etc.


These three factors will then be cross-checked with the capacity of the areas at the cultural site.

Optimisation des flux, typologie de visiteur

Without a CRM tool to understand the characteristics of each visitor typology, it is impossible to perform a flow optimisation.

Defining an optimal schedule

Optimisation des flux - planning de visites
Ahead of the tourist season, CULTIVAL conducts a detailed analysis of the footfall and the issues at the cultural site (hosting capacity, closing times, privatisation, etc.) in order to put an “ideal” tour schedule in place for the whole season > number of slots, rate of departures, group sizes, etc.
This long-term view of the availability enables visitors to plan their arrival and thus to be there for the available slots.
The creation of new tour themes outside of the public opening hours can also help smooth the flow, while putting forward a more exclusive offering.

Yield management

Optimisation des flux - Yield management
The Cultival teams are also trained to “yield” maximum bookings, by directing visitors, insofar as possible, to the less popular slots.
This technique, which has proven effective in smoothing out footfall, is also used for online sales. Indeed, the Cultival booking system enables certain slots to be either opened or closed.

Continuous flow optimisation

Optimisation des flux
Twice a week during slow periods and up to daily in peak times, CULTIVAL monitors how each tour slot is filled, especially how tours by individuals are combined. In accordance with the pre-bookings, the teams create additional departures so as to always be in line with demand.
In addition to directing visitors to certain hours, this continuous optimisation technique enables ROI to be maximised by avoiding having multiple departures of virtually empty tours.