Audience development

Booking management

Our booking system

Since each cultural site has its own characteristics and individual needs, Cultival chose to develop its own booking system, without using a turnkey solution. Since 2010, the tool has been continuously evolving so that it meets the expectations of each and every CULTIVAL partner as closely as possible.
Système de réservation Cultival

The software includes all the stages that are integral to the management of tours:

  • Configuring tours and workshops
  • Management of individuals and groups
  • Booking and reservation options
  • Monitoring schedules
  • Billing and collection
  • Sending of e-vouchers
  • Customer data

Booking centre

For cultural sites, Cultival provides a booking platform that consists of a team of six telephone advisers that are available in the Agency from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. inclusive. A hotline is available for tours that are scheduled outside of these opening hours (nights, weekends or holiday days).
To better serve international customers, the teams are proficient in 5 languages in addition to French, including English, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian.
Centrale de réservation


The main remit of this service is:

  • To manage all incoming requests (Information / Bookings / After-sales Service)
  • To ensure quotes, billing and payment are fulfilled
  • To manage the scheduling of the tours and the teams in the field

Online sales solution

Connected to its booking system, Cultival provides an online sales solution for its partners through its website The website can list multiple product pages as well as themes under the same cultural monument. Each product page contains all the information related to the tour: the description, visuals, rates and availability in real time, enabling online booking.
Site de vente en ligne

Cultival also provides groups with a non-binding reservation option that can also be changed completely independently, all from their online account. Corporate rates are also available for B2B customers.

Cultural Partner extranet

Cultival provides each of its cultural partners with access to its tour schedules via an extranet. This online activity tracking tool enables it to view and edit the status of bookings and customer information for the period of its choosing, in real time and in complete autonomy.
Extranet partenaires

For its partners, Cultival has also developed a dashboard that is accessible via the extranet. This footfall summary enables them to have a quick view of the activity managed by Cultival.

All of the Customer data for the cultural site can also be accessed and downloaded on this platform.

Customer data

Through its booking system as well as through the continuous training of its teams in this regards, CULTIVAL has been able to build a large customer database. Via their extranet, each partner can recover the data about customers that have made bookings for one of their tours.
Datas Clients


The collected data are divided into 3 categories:

  • About customers > contact details, visitor type, school grade, level of disability, etc.
  • About the order > order date, reference number, status and payment status, etc.
  • About the tour: theme, date and time of the tour, language to be used, number of people, price of the tour, etc.